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Xero is used to provide a complete suite of reports from monthly profit and loss and detailed balance sheet breakdowns that compare past years and budgets through to the annual year-end financial statements. These reports are also available for any period from one month or quarter though to 12 months. 

The timelines and diversity of reports are tailored for each client depending on individual circumstances and enable real-time detailed analysis of performance versus budget and historic results. Working with real-time data allows for real-time provisions of profit improvement advice and actions implemented to improve performance immediately.

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Integrated reporting and forecasting that allows you to create insights to inform better business outcomes. 

Spotlight reports are produced by importing data from Xero or MYOB. This data is displayed in a tabular and graphic format to assist the understanding of performance information results and trends.

Spotlight reports are used for all clients on a monthly or quarterly basis to focus on high-level analysis of actual and forecasted results, cash flow and financial position. Using this analysis, you are able to proactively implement strategies to improve performance to achieve or exceed your targets and update your forecasts to estimate the benefit of the improvement actions.

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The premier benchmarking tool for Australian accountants.

We use Benchmarking reports to compare your business performance to your industry peers. The analysis of this comparison identifies areas where improvement is most easily achievable and provides a list of actions to consider that will improve performance.


The analysis also highlights your performance when it exceeds that of your industry peers to provide timely feedback of industry leadership and enhance business value. The analysis provided by the Benchmarking reports enables efficient decision making regarding the best use of time and resources to improve performance.

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Simply the best share portfolio tracker for Australian investors.

Sharesight reports maintain historical cost base and transactional information for listed share investments and compares it to current market values. Sharesight reports are used for all clients who maintain large portfolios of listed shares and produce reports of actual capital gains or losses for shares disposed of, unrealised capital gains or losses for shares still held, and performance reports of both income and value growth. 

Sharesight reports enable instant calculation of your annual tax position at any time from your share transactions and the ability to provide advice in advance of the tax cost and consequences of any proposed share transaction.

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